Democracy that Delivers #119: StategEast Founder Anatoly Motkin on Digital Economies in Post-Soviet States

05.29.2018 | Ken Jaques, Maiko Nakagaki |
From left: guest host Maiko Nakagaki and podcast guest Anatoly Motkin

In this latest Democracy that Delivers podcast, Anatoly Motkin, the founder and president of StrategEast, joined CIPE’s Ken Jaques and Maiko Nakagaki to discuss the growth of digital economies in the former Soviet Union. Motkin talks in-depth about the how the recent legislation in Belarus, called “The Decree on Developing the Digital Economy,” is designed to spur growth in the IT sector through various tax breaks. He also discusses how countries such as Belarus seem to be more advanced in the growth of digital economies than others in the region.

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