Democracy that Delivers #109: Think Tank CARE Algeria’s Samy Boukaila

03.13.2018 | Ken Jaques, Brenna Curti |
From left: podcast guest Samy Boukaila and guest host Brenna Curti

Algeria continues to face important challenges posed by the fall in oil prices four years ago, according to the IMF. Mission Chief for Algeria Jean-Francois Dauphin and his team completed a routine visit to the nation in early March. Their discussions with Algerian government officials focused on the mix of policies and reforms needed to restore macroeconomic balances and foster sustainable and inclusive growth. “…A critical mass of structural reforms is needed to promote the emergence of a private-sector led, diversified economy and reduce the dependence on oil and gas,” stated Dauphin.

Samy Boukaila, the founder of Algeria’s first think tank, CARE, recently sat down with CIPE’s Ken Jaques and Brenna Curti to explain why economic diversification is so critical for the nation and how his organization has pressed the message. Boukaila is President and Managing Director of BKL Industries and is an active member of civil society, working with many groups to channel recommendations to the government about growth and development. He is currently a Mediterranean Basin Fellow at the Graduate Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University.

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