Democracy that Delivers #90: Frank Vogl on Confronting Corruption in the Private Sector

10.24.2017 | Louisa Tomar, Ken Jaques |
From left: podcast guest Frank Vogl, guest host Louisa Tomar and host Ken Jaques

Businesses that take on corruption and pursue a path of integrity can come out ahead financially, says Frank Vogl, anti-corruption expert and adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

During the podcast, Vogl explains how corruption can hurt a company’s bottom line. Integrity, on the other hand, is good for business because it allows companies to be innovative and builds trust amongst members of the organization.

Vogl began his career as a journalist, covering corruption scandals during the Nixon and Ford presidency. In the late 1970s, Vogl covered the Lockheed scandals that led to the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act. Despite this law and other efforts to curb corruption, it is still an endemic problem in the private sector, he says.

Vogl is a founding member of Transparency International, a nonprofit organization that works with governments, businesses and citizens to stop corruption.

For more information about Vogl, his blogs, lectures and a new book visit his website.

For more of Vogl’s insights on curbing corruption in the private sector, read CIPE’s Corporate Compliance Trends (CCTrends) blog by Louisa Tomar, guest podcast cohost and CIPE’s program officer for Global Programs.

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