Democracy that Delivers #89: Jaime Arteaga on the Importance of the Private Sector in Colombia’s Peace Process

10.17.2017 | Pamela Kelley Lauder, John Zemko, Jaime Arteaga |
From left: podcast guests Natalia Velásquez and Jaime Arteaga, guest host John Zemko and host Pamela Kelley Lauder

As part of its post-war recovery plan, Colombia’s government is offering big incentives to businesses that expand operations there and reaching out to local communities for input.

The new program is a critical part of Colombia’s ongoing peace process, according to Jaime Arteaga, CIPE’s lead in-country consultant.

The government is promising huge tax breaks to companies that make long-term investments in Colombia’s post-conflict regions, many of which are highly-populated and rich in natural resources.  In this week’s podcast, Arteaga and CIPE Regional Director John Zemko discuss the challenges and benefits of increased private sector activity in Colombia.

Read Arteaga’s thoughts on Colombia’s peace accord and its impact on investment here.

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