Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success: A Special Report



Entrepreneurs drive change. They provide the ideas, initiative, and leadership to invigorate development and transform society. They are therefore pivotal partners of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in the pursuit of its mission: to strengthen democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market-oriented reform.

As drivers of change, entrepreneurs often assume leadership roles in society. With their initiative, problem-solving ability, and new perspectives, entrepreneurs become a leading constituency for reform. Still, entrepreneurs need a little help. While entrepreneurs are present everywhere, the ones with access to market institutions, rule of law, and economic freedom have a tremendous advantage.

As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week in the lead up to CIPE’s 30th anniversary year, we have gathered lessons from international thought leaders on how to build entrepreneurial ecosystems. CIPE’s special report “Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success” offers glimpses into scaleable, sustainable solutions to innovation and growth. Featuring experts such as Hernando de Soto, Robert Litan, Jonathan Ortmans, Mary Shirley, and more, this report suggests ways we can go beyond helping select entrepreneurs and actually nurture entrepreneurship as an entire system of innovation and opportunity.

Take a look now at priorities for promoting entrepreneurship in the next emerging markets. Borrow from the lessons that experts have accumulated in getting ecosystem frameworks right while capitalizing on local ideas. And start thinking about how you’ll join the conversation on creating the environment for entrepreneurial success.

John D. Sullivan is Executive Director of CIPE.