The Principles of Free Enterprise and Democracy: A Webinar with Champions of Reform



Democracy and free enterprise – how can we get the best of both? The Free Enterprise and Democracy Network, established in 2012, has issued four principles describing relationship between economic freedom and democratic development.

Now for the first time online, leaders of the Free Enterprise and Democracy Network will explain the principles and share their own experiences in democratic and market reform. These five thought leaders bring diverse private-sector perspectives from around the world to the fundamental questions of democracy and free enterprise.


Selima Ahmad, Founder President, Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry; recipient of the 2013 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Award

Boris Begovic, Senior Fellow, Center for Liberal Democratic Studies; Professor, School of Law, University of Belgrade – Serbia

Aurelio Concheso, Director, Aspen Consulting CA; President, FEDECAMARAS Labor and Legislative Committee; Former President, Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge – Venezuela

Jesus Estanislao, Chairman, Institute for Corporate Directors; Chairman, Institute for Solidarity in Asia; recipient of the Hernando de Soto Award for Democracy – Philippines

Jaroslav Romanchuk, President, Scientific Research Mises Center, Belarus

moderated by

John Sullivan, Executive Director, Center for International Private Enterprise
Kim Bettcher, Senior Knowledge Manager, Center for International Private Enterprise

Thursday, September 12, 2013
8:00 a.m. EDT (Washington, DC time)


The Principles of Free Enterprise and Democracy:

  1. Economic freedom is an essential source of political freedom as well as a component of individual liberty.
  2. Market institutions and the rule of law build foundations for democratic governance.
  3. Democracy brings long-run benefits to sustainable growth and human development.
  4. The private sector plays an essential role in the development of a democratic society.