Are You Seeking Technical Assistance?



Does your association or chamber of commerce aspire to better serve your members?

Do you wish you could manage your organization differently so that things would improve?

Or are you looking for ways to help make your association more sustainable?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then sign up for CIPE’s KnowHow Mentorship program! CIPE is recruiting for business associations and chambers of commerce from around the world looking for free technical assistance.

CIPE has successfully linked various organizations from around the world – from women business associations to SME development organizations – with individual volunteers with extensive expertise in fields ranging from organizational design to association management. And their mentorships have produced impressive outcomes, such as:

  • Within twelve months of working with their KnowHow mentor, the Georgian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Association increased their membership by 31 percent.

  • Using the advocacy tips they received from their KnowHow mentor, Azerbaijan Micro-Finance Association  successfully helped reduce the fee for inquiring credit history from the Central Bank of Azerbaijan by half.

  • With assistance from their mentor, the Association of Business Women Serbia created a year-long fundraising plan for the first time in the organization’s history.

If your association or chamber would also like to strengthen its organizational capacity, sign up now to get a free mentor through the KnowHow Mentorship program for twelve months!