Authors Needed for Book on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets


Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are undergoing full democratic transition and others are looking for new ways to generate jobs and provide economic opportunity for citizens, especially for a growing population of youth. In this context, corporate governance reform has taken on a whole new urgency. More fair and transparent management of local companies will level the playing field for business and encourage healthy economic growth inside the country, while creating an environment of rule of law and openness that will attract investment from outside the country.

Enter Sabri Boubaker from the Groupe ESC Troyes en Champagne and Duc Khuong Nguyen of  ISC’s Paris School of Management in France. With the MENA region in mind, they are editing a new book that will try to fill research gaps they see on corporate governance at both the country and the firm level. The book, to be published by Springer Verlag in 2013, will be called Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: Theories, Practices and Cases.

What these editors need now are applications from potential chapter authors. They are seeking any experts, academic or otherwise, who have new knowledge to contribute. Are you interested?

The editors are requesting submission of a two to four page proposal by the 30th of November. You can find the official call for authors here with Boubaker’s and Nguyen’s contact information and all the other information needed. Among some chapter topic examples they give are: ownership structure in listed and unlisted firms; the effect of corporate governance characteristics on firm decisions and performance; barriers to effective corporate governance reform; best practices in corporate governance; and recommendations for future application of corporate governance in emerging markets. They are also open to any other relevant ideas.

We hope you apply, and if you do, please mention that you learned of the opportunity from CIPE’s blog!