Staffing Challenges in NGOs


Aceh Diary at the World Bank’s PSD Blog takes a closer look at the staffing challenge in reconstruction/rebuilding efforts.  In the spirit of being responsible, supporting local employment, and not overspending on foreign experts, NGOs are looking for locals.  But

…the qualified locals—and I don’t mean people from other parts of Sumatra, or the Javanese, or any of the other peoples across Indonesia—but rather the Acehnese possessing the education/technical and language skills/experience to take on the types of jobs the development community is begging to have filled, are harder to find on the ground than a three-eyed pig!

Read this excellent post for a host of interesting insights!  I am, personally, a fan of this one:

Once you do hire an Acehnese, though, before you know it you could well find a half dozen of their closest friends, cousins, and extended family members working for you if you’re not stringent in your background checks. But this is true more with regards to the drivers, cleaners, security guards, cooks, etc., rather than program staff.

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