Starting a Business in Africa


African entrepreneurs share their stories on starting a business on the BBC website.   There are some very interesting on-the-ground experiences, from good

I think Ethiopia must be the best and the easiest place to start a business today. Yes it used to be very hard to start a business in Ethiopia. I was in Ethiopia last year and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they processed my application for registration. It took me only a day. I know some people will be unhappy by my comment. I think regardless what we think of the current government, we must be honest enough to give credit when a credit is due.

to bad

Starting a business in Nigeria is bedevilled with the twin problems of infrastructural decay and corruption. The lack of basic infrastructure means that the entrepreneur needs a lot of working capital to buy and run an electricity generator, sink a borehole for water, hire private security, and sometimes repair roads. In spite of all these, he is expected to pay all kinds of obnoxious taxes.

Check it out. Hat tip to World Bank’s PSD Blog for this link.