Interview with CIPE’s Pakistan Country Director


I wanted to highlight a recent interview with Moin Fudda, CIPE’s country director in Pakistan. The interview appeared in the weekly magazine “Investors” published by The International News, which Moin describes as the largest circulation international daily in Pakistan. The article discusses CIPE’s new field office in that country, and I believe it provides an excellent description of CIPE’s guiding principles and our general program objectives as well. And example of this would be the interview’s final paragraph:

Towards the end of the interview, Fudda admitting that facilitating democratic stability and economic reforms is not an easy task. CIPE maintains that countries need to build market-oriented and democratic institutions simultaneously, as they are essentially two sides of the same coin. He concluded by saying that without a functioning market system, democracies will remain weak. Likewise, without a democratic process, economic reforms are unlikely to succeed.