2015 Annual Report

Strengthening democracy around the globe through
private enterprise and market-oriented reform


Welcome to the 2015 Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Annual Report. Since the establishment of CIPE in 1983, the world has gone through many changes. CIPE has been at the forefront of promoting democratic governance and economic freedom around the globe. Our work is as important now as it was in 1983. Around the world, we see governments attempting to roll back and limit democracy. In many places, the private sector has been a target of anti-democratic movements. At CIPE, we believe that our work, which now spans over 100 projects in more than 50 countries, is essential in the fight to counter these movements. Our message has never changed: we will work to ensure that people realize the promise of economic freedom, democratic governance, and prosperity.

CIPE supports democracy and market reforms through innovative, business-led solutions to complex governance challenges. The unique perspective gained through CIPE’s private sector partnerships and on-the-ground expertise makes it a world-class leader in the field of democratic and economic development.

With projects in more than 50 countries around the world, CIPE builds and strengthens the institutions necessary for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses, for economies to flourish, and for all members of society to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

CIPE’s locally driven projects foster private sector participation in policy formation and implementation, and act as “policy laboratories” that test new approaches and generate best practices that are models in international development.

Focus Areas


Democratic Governance

Increasing transparency and accountability in the public and private sectors, and giving citizens a say in how decisions are made, is fundamental to ensuring that democracy delivers for all in society.


Business Advocacy

Strengthening freedom of association and building the capacity of business associations and think tanks empower the private sector to participate in the democratic process.


Enterprise Ecosystems

Building the institutions of a market economy unleashes opportunity, reduces barriers to doing business, and creates a level playing field for all.


Anti-Corruption & Ethics

Improving integrity standards, limiting opportunities for corruption, and strengthening compliance programs help the business community take collective action to address corruption.



Sharing CIPE Expertise at Global Events

CIPE partners and staff participated in key global events in 2015 to share best practices in private sector approaches to democratic and market-oriented reforms.

Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, Seoul, Korea

The 8th Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy focused on themes of renewing democracy, preventing backsliding, and sustaining democratic transitions. CIPE brought a delegation of partners and four members from the Free Enterprise and Democracy Network to share their experiences on balancing economic and political reform priorities and engaging civil society to drive reforms. CIPE also co-led a session with the East Asia Institute on corporate citizenship and collaborative governance, and participated in a discussion on kleptocracy.

Open Government Partnership Global Summit, Mexico City

CIPE moderated a session on “Governance Partnerships for Sustainable Development,” organized by the Private Sector Council on Open Governance. Speakers from Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, KPMG, Cisco, GE, and the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative shared what companies are already doing — and should be doing — on governance challenges linked to sustainability in development. The Private Sector Council shared its proposed Road Map to Accelerate Collaboration with the Private Sector.

Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Milan, Italy

CIPE organized a panel on “Entrepreneurship on the Frontier: Innovation and Inclusion in Emerging Markets” in conjunction with the Research and Policy Summit.

Other Events

Other events where CIPE shared its expertise included: the International Workshop on Public Private Dialogue in Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry, the World Bank Group and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark; the 9 th World Chambers Congress in Turin, Italy; and the Community of Democracies Ministerial in San Salvador, El Salvador.


For information on CIPE DC events, visit: http://www.cipe.org/events



In 2015, CIPE worked on over 110 projects in more than 50 countries globally.

CIPE programs promote sustainable growth and development, foster transparency and accountability in governance, and help entrepreneurs all over the world have a say in the policies that affect their businesses and lives.


Board of Directors


Thomas J. Donohue

President & CEO

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Board

Greg Lebedev

Senior Advisor

The Robertson Foundation

Vice Chair

Karen Kerrigan

President & CEO

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Executive Vice President

Myron A. Brilliant

Head of International Affairs

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Martha M. Boudreau

Executive Vice President

Chief Communications and Marketing Office, AARP

Peter M. Cleveland

Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs

Intel Corporation

Claude G.B. Fontheim


Fontheim International, LLC

Michael J. Hershman


The Fairfax Group LLC

Richard N. Holwill

Vice President of Public Policy


William A. Reinsch


National Foreign Trade Council

Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby

Diplomat in Residence

School of International Service

Kenneth R. Sparks

President & CEO


John D. Sullivan

Executive Director

Center for International Private Enterprise

Sandra Taylor


Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Hildy Teegen


Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Phillip N. Truluck

Former Executive Vice President & COO (retired)

The Heritage Foundation

Staff List

This list reflects 2015 CIPE staff. For a current listing, visit the CIPE website.

Thomas J. Donohue
Myron Brilliant
Vice President
John D. Sullivan
Executive Director
Steven B. Rogers
Deputy Director, Operations
Andrew Wilson
Deputy Director, Programs and Strategic Planning

Abdulwahab Alkebsi
Regional Director
Lars Benson
Senior Program Officer
Julie Craig
Program Officer
Erica Poff
Program Officer
Toni Weis, Ph.D.
Program Officer
Henry LaGue
Assistant Program Officer
Ryan Musser
Program Assistant
Nigeria Office

Omowumi Gbadamosi
Country Director
Desmond Irabor
Program Coordinator
Olawale Oyenuga

John Morrell
Regional Director
Catherine Tai
Program Officer
Michelle Chen
Assistant Program Officer

Marc Schleifer
Regional Director
Natalia Otel Belan
Senior Program Officer
Frank Brown
Senior Program Officer
Anthony Chang
Program Officer
Emiliya Bagirova
Assistant Program Officer
Rachel Grossman
Assistant Program Officer
David Mack
Assistant Program Officer
Morgan Dowd
Program Assistant
April Snedeker
Program Assistant
Maya Eristavi
Senior Advocacy and Capacity Building Expert, Georgia

 Ukraine Office

Nataliya Balandina
Head of Office
Zoia Tsybrova
Project Officer
Oksana Oleinikova
Program Officer
Liubomyr Chornii
Technical Advisor

Iryna Kryvoruchko
Program Assistant
Nataliya Zhugay
Program Assistant

John Zemko
Regional Director
Laura Boyette
Program Officer
Brenton Ruth
Program Officer
Kevin Gatter
Program Assistant

Abdulwahab Alkebsi
Regional Director
Gregory Simpson
Deputy Regional Director
Pamela Beecroft
Senior Program Officer
Babak Yektafar
Senior Program Officer
Barbara Bromell
Program Officer
Stephen Rosenlund
Program Officer
Ali Ayadi
Tunisia Field Representative
John Zanikos
Assistant Program Officer
Sarah Ali
Program Assistant
Mohammed Al Saeedi
Program Coordinator
Margaret Bohlander
Program Assistant
Peako Jenkins
Program Assistant
AnnaMaria Shaker
Program Assistant

Egypt Office

Randa Al Zoghbi
Program Director
Seif El Khawanky
Program Officer

Lobna Afify
Program Officer
Maha Hashem
Senior Program Coordinator
Hazem Sami
Communication and Publication Specialist
Ahmed Abol Azm
Finance Officer
Marc Schleifer
Regional Director
Gregg Willhauck
Senior Program Officer
Jennifer Anderson
Program Officer
Medhawi Giri
Program Assistant
Vivek Shivaram
Program Assistant

Afghanistan Office

Mohammad Nasib
Country Director
Mohammad Naim
Program Director

Lailuma Social
Program Manager
Sayed Muhibullah Hashmi
Operations Manager
Mohammad Ibrahim Hassan
Program Manager
Matiullah Murad
Program Manager

Pakistan Office

Moin Fudda
Country Director
Hammad Siddiqui
Deputy Country Director
Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain
Assistant Program Manager

Mohammad Yasir
Senior Finance and Administrative Officer
Emad Sohail
Senior Program Officer
Talib Uz-Zaman
Program Officer


Anna Kompanek
Director, Multiregional Programs
Maiko Nakagaki
Program Officer
Frank Stroker
Assistant Program Officer
Laura Van Voorhees
Program Officer
Stephanie Bandyk
Program Assistant

Knowledge Management

Kim Bettcher, Ph.D.
Senior Knowledge Manager

Teodora Mihaylova
Research Coordinator
Srujana Penumetcha
Research Assistant

Program Coordination Unit

Oksana Yoon
Kristen Sutara
Assistant Program Officer


Ken Jaques
Communications Director
Julie Johnson
Senior Communications Manager
Jonathan Custer
Digital Communications Specialist
Ashley Fox
Communications Assistant

Congressional and Government Relations

Gregg Willhauck

Finance and Grants

Tabitha Wilson
Senior Manager, Grants & Contracts
Lascelles Haylett
Mark Schultz
Operations Manager
Viktoria Shalaginova
Regional Finance Officer
Terrie Moody
Information Management Officer
Claris Tetu-Atagwe
Junior Accountant
Shaza Elmahdi
Grants Assistant


Denise Baer, Ph.D.
Evaluation Officer

Human Resources

Tamara Noel
Human Resources Manager


Syldeline Decker Bunting-Graden
Executive Assistant

Paulette Houston
Executive Assistant
Rita Williams
Office Coordinator


National Endowment for Democracy www.ned.org

United States Agency for International Development www.usaid.gov

U.S. Chamber of Commerce www.uschamber.com

U.S. Department of State www.state.gov

World Bank www.worldbank.org

CIPE is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy and an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce