Entrepreneurship is the creative force of economic development. Entrepreneurs create new goods and services and develop innovative solutions. They also play a vital role in the development of democracy. Entrepreneurship expands opportunity, unleashes individual initiative, and cultivates independent citizens who have a stake in society and democratic governance. It plays a key role in building not just prosperous economies but democracies that deliver opportunity to their citizens.

In most countries, however, entrepreneurs still struggle with the basics of launching and growing their businesses because legal and institutional barriers to economic participation persist. Building a truly competitive entrepreneurship ecosystem requires an environment where businesses operate on a level playing field where rights are protected.

CIPE's programs around the world help entrepreneurs to become a driving force for reform, by working together and making their voices heard in the policymaking process through business associations and chambers of commerce.

Entrepreneurship Programs at CIPE

Through its programs and international partnerships, CIPE acts to build opportunity for entrepreneurs in these areas:

  • Facilitate business environment reforms that lower the barriers to starting, operating, and growing a business.
  • Equip business associations to serve their members’ needs and advocate for policies supportive of entrepreneurship.
  • Educate youth on entrepreneurship, fundamentals of market economy, and civic leadership.
  • Empower women through entrepreneurship and advocacy for women in business.
  • Strengthen institutions such as property rights and rule of law.

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  • Revitalizing Serbia’s economy requires encouraging more women to engage in the private sector at the small and medium enterprise level
  • Women-to-women mentorship is crucial for supporting and nurturing the growth of women entrepreneurs because it helps build the mentees’ confidence to expand their businesses
  • Local women’s business associations, which understand the local challenges that women entrepreneurs face, are great contributors to the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women business owners

Mentorship Programs Build the Success of Women Entrepreneurs in Nicaragua

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  • Improving Nicaragua’s economy involves supporting women to expand their businesses at the micro and small enterprise level
  • Leadership and confidence building are key factors for women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in Nicaragua
  • Exposing university students to real-world business environments through internship opportunities is important to spur professional and personal growth

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