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CIPE hosts roundtable on the role of the private sector in reducing corruption in Islamabad; CIPE releases new guidebook, Improving Public Governance: Closing the Implementation Gap Between Law and Practice; CIPE partner releases Wasit Provincial Business Agenda in Iraq

  • Pakistan – On October 25 in Islamabad, CIPE and the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) organized a roundtable on “The Role of the Private Sector in Reducing Corruption.” This was the first such meeting of its kind in Pakistan. Over 75 representatives of the private sector, key government agencies, and board and staff members of ICCI attended. The program featured a panel presentation by the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Mohammad Ali, President of ICCI Zafar Bakhtawari, Resident Representative of the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation Olaf Kellerhoff, CIPE Pakistan Country Director Moin Fudda, and CIPE Regional Director for Eurasia and South Asia Andrew Wilson. The discussion was widely followed on Twitter, with over 300 original tweets reaching over 15,000 followers of session participants, as well as generating coverage in two leading Pakistani newspapers, Dawn and the Daily Times. Finally, the event served as a launch for a corruption perceptions survey of young entrepreneurs conducted by the Youth Forum of ICCI, an initiative new to Pakistan, which will help launch future CIPE supported anticorruption advocacy programs.
  • Washington, DC – CIPE and Global Integrity released a new guidebook, Improving Public Governance: Closing the Implementation Gap Between Law and Practice. This guidebook explores why implementation gaps – the differences between laws on the books and how they function in practice – happen and how they can be addressed. With a particular focus on closing implementation gaps at the local level, the guidebook examines scenarios and approaches that government, the private sector, and civil society can take to improve public governance. It is based on extensive experience from both CIPE and Global Integrity’s work with local partners around the world on advancing accountable and transparent public governance and business environments. Download the guidebook here www.cipe.org/publications/detail/improving-public-governance-closing-implementation-gap-between-law-and-practice, or read more about it on the CIPE Development Blog: www.cipe.org/blog/2012/10/23/closing-the-implementation-gap.     
  • Iraq – The Al-Inbithaq Assembly for Development and Economic Development, in cooperation with CIPE, officially presented the Wasit Provincial Business Agenda to the Wasit provincial government. With CIPE’s support, Al-Inbithaq led the agenda’s development, an extensive and inclusive process of 18 consultative workshops, multiple agenda drafts, and numerous reviews by representatives from multiple economic sectors, business associations, and government policymakers. Eighty participants contributed to the presentation ceremony, including representatives of the Wasit government and provincial council, business associations, local non-governmental organizations, and academia. Government officials commended the private sector’s initiative and committed to supporting the agenda. Al-Salam, Al-Ghadeer, and Al-Nahrain satellite channels covered the event.


Washington, DC – Senior Knowledge Manager Kim Bettcher taught a session on corporate governance at the International Law Institute’s program on Capital Markets: Development and Regulation. Twenty participants from India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ghana, Tanzania, and Nigeria explored the elements of internal and external firm governance. The participants, mostly securities markets regulators, exchanged views and suggestions on reforms regarding director independence, related-party transactions, and the application of governance codes.

Kenya – CIPE partner the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya held a training workshop in Nakuru on land and property transactions. Twenty-seven participants attended, including representatives from the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nakuru Branch, Nakuru Business Association, and Kenya Association of Manufacturers. Participants discussed challenges businesses face in property transactions.

Washington, DC – CIPE released the inaugural Entrepreneurship Update, meant to start a conversation about how entrepreneurship can help democracy deliver to citizens around the world in the lead up to CIPE’s Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs conference on April 9-10, 2013. The update featured an article on democracy and entrepreneurship in the Middle East published in the Huffington Post by CIPE Executive Director John D. Sullivan, as well as other articles on CIPE’s entrepreneurship programs. Entrepreneurship Updateis available online at: www.cipe.org/newsletter/EntrepreneurshipUpdate/October2012/index.html

Washington, DC – CIPE published the latest Economic Reform Feature Service article by CIPE Pakistan Country Director Moin Fudda and Deputy Country Director Hammad Siddiqui. The article, entitled “Equipping Pakistani Business Associations for Effective Advocacy” reflects on the impact of CIPE’s program in Pakistan since the launch of the field office in 2006 to develop the capacity of the country’s chambers and associations and work with them on policy advocacy. Read the full article here: www.cipe.org/publications/detail/equipping-pakistani-business-associations-effective-advocacy-challenges-and. The article has also been reposted by the Business Support Organization Forum, an online group of Pakistani chambers and associations that have taken part in CIPE training programs.

Washington, DC – On the CIPE Development Blog, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Director John Zemko provided insight into the Venezuelan elections (www.cipe.org/blog/2012/10/16/venezuela-elections-on-the-front-lines/#.UIqiwfW2Pcs) and discussed the private sector’s role in the elections (www.cipe.org/blog/2012/10/22/venezuelan-elections-role-of-the-private-sector); Global Program Officer Anna Nadgrodkiewicz highlighted new themes and concepts in corporate citizenship (www.cipe.org/blog/2012/10/24/whats-new-in-csr); and Africa Assistant Program Officer Julie Mancuso shared the story of an anti-corruption leader in Nigeria (www.cipe.org/blog/2012/10/25/an-accidental-corruption-crusader/).



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