Weekly Update: Latin America and the Caribbean

Caroline Scullin, cscullin@cipe.org, 202-721-9200

Bolivia – Fundación Milenio released this week’s economic analysis bulletin, featuring a brief analysis of the Argentinean and Brazilian economies. These economic analysis bulletins form part of CIPE’s and Milenio’s efforts to cultivate a more informed citizenship in the area of economic policy. They are available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website.

Mexico – The Center of Research for Development (CIDAC) published a new edition of “Semana Política” its weekly policy analysis brief. In this week’s brief, CIDAC discussed three topics: 1) an analysis of President Peña’s Economic Package for 2013; 2) an evaluation of Mexico’s new security strategy in the central region of the country; and 3) an analysis of the education reform. The publications are available in Spanish on CIDAC’s website.

Regional– This week on the CIPE-supported RevistaPerspectiva.com: Associate at VisionAméricas in Venezuela Antonio de la Cruz provided an analysis of the upcoming state elections in Venezuela; Congressman for the Radical Civic Union party in Argentina Ricardo Gil Lavedra and Director of Freedom and Expression at the Civil Rights Association in Argentina Eleonora Rabinovich offer their perspectives on the application of the Media Law in Argentina; and lawyer and legal consultant at the Institute of Trade in Venezuela Emilio Nouel briefly evaluates Mercosur and its members’ economies.

Venezuela –CIPE partner the Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge (CEDICE) published a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Venezuelan Legislation and Private Property, written by economist and researcher at CEDICE Luis Alfonso Herrera Orellana. Additionally, President of CEDICE Rafael Alfonso explains why the communal system is in fact Communism during the Aló Ciudadano television program on Globovisión.


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