Weekly Update: Latin America and the Caribbean

Caroline Scullin, cscullin@cipe.org, 202-721-9200

Bolivia – Fundación Milenio released its 168th economic analysis bulletin. This bulletin features an analysis of the Chilean and Peruvian economy in the first semester of 2012. These economic analysis bulletins form part of CIPE’s and Milenio’s efforts to cultivate a more informed citizenship in the area of economic policy. The bulletin is available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website. Last week, Milenio published a report on the Bolivian economy in the first semester of 2012. Milenio presented this report in La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba to scholars, consultants, journalists, entrepreneurs and policymakers. On October 24, newspaper El Día published an article discussing Milenio’s economic report.

Mexico – The Center of Research for Development (CIDAC) published a new edition of “Semana Política,” its weekly policy analysis brief. In this week’s brief, CIDAC discussed three topics: 1) an analysis of the security and violence crisis in the Mexican city of Michoacán; 2)an evaluation of the government’s policy on labor unions; and 3) an analysis of the government transition from President Calderón to President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto. The publications are available in Spanish on CIDAC’swebsite.

Regional – This week on the CIPE-supported RevistaPerspectiva.com: Mauricio Palma Gutiérrez, Research Assistant at the Political and Strategy Observatory of Latin America in Colombia, provides an analysis of the Colombian peace talks; CIPE Executive Director John D. Sullivan and President of the Center for Liberal-Democratic Studies of Serbia Boris Begovic offer their perspectives on the close relationship between private enterprise and democracy; and CIPE Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean John A. Zemko comments on Venezuela's elections.



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