Weekly Update: Eurasia

Julie Johnson, jjohnson@cipe.org, 202-721-9200

Ukraine – CIPE Country Director Nataliya Balandina moderated an economic development panel discussion in Kiev on the creation of a European Union Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society. The panel discussion, organized by the Initiative Center for Support Social Action, was attended by business leaders, NGO representatives, and private entrepreneurs. Participants brainstormed with experts on judicial reform, economic development, and the role of civil society, and drafted a three-year plan to strengthen the role and capacity of Ukrainian business associations and NGOs to enhance cooperation between Ukraine and the E.U.

Kosovo – Research Director for the Riinvest Institute for Development Research Alban Hashani participated in a televised debate on improving accountability and transparency in the public procurement system.  The debate was televised by the most watched current affairs program in the country.  Other debate participants included the chairs of the boards of the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission and the Procurement Review Body, as well as representatives from the State General Auditor’s office, civil society representatives, and journalists. The debate was produced by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network on the weekly current affairs program “Life in Kosovo,” which is broadcast by Kosovo public television, RTK.



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