Innovative ChamberLINKS Program Brings International Visitors to U.S. Business Associations

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Washington, D.C. – As part of the innovative ChamberL.I.N.K.S. (Leaders, Innovators, and Knowledge Sharing) program, five business associations across the United States will welcome young professionals from five different countries throughout March and April.

“This unique program gives talented young leaders from chambers of commerce around the world access to best practices and innovative services provided by chambers of commerce in the United States,” said John D. Sullivan, executive director of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

As ChamberL.I.N.K.S. participants experience how a business association in the United States operates, they will gain new professional skills that they can return and share with their home organizations. The program, now in its fourth year, ultimately aims to reach beyond each participant to the membership of their home organizations and the communities in which they operate, where they can use their new skills to better advocate for democratic and economic reforms.



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