Democratic Governance

Democratic governance – the decision-making processes that translate citizens’ preferences into policy actions – is a crucial component of ensuring that democracy delivers. Between elections, citizens must have avenues to participate in decision making, stay informed, and hold government accountable for its performance. Strong democratic governance is characterized by transparency, open dialogue, efficient regulation, and effective rule of law.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) was founded on the idea that political and economic freedoms are intertwined, and helps strengthen institutions of government accountability, with a focus on engaging the private sector in public policy discourse. Though its programs and partners, CIPE also supports the understanding of democratic freedoms and values among officials, businesspeople, and the public.

Through its programs and international partnerships, CIPE strives to improve policy processes and make democracy work through programs that:

  • Engage citizens and the private sector in policy dialogue.
  • Promote open debate and greater transparency in the policy making process.
  • Improve local governance through administrative reform and public-private engagement.
  • Educate legislators about economic policy alternatives and support economic platform development by political parties.
  • Assist democratic transitions through constitutional reform processes and institution building.

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A Seat in the Limousine

Article at a glance:

  • Democratic governance and development go hand-in-hand.
  • CIPE co-hosted an International Day of Democracy event with the Millennium Challenge Corporation on September 15, 2016 titled, "Democratic Governance: Unlocking the Keys to the SDG Agenda."
  • CIPE Chairman Greg Lebedev opened the event with remarks on the intersection between CIPE and MCC and the importance of strong democratic institutions in the work the two organizations do.

Celebrating Syrian Youth

Article at a glace:

  • The war in Syria has been especially hard on young people. Millions of children have been denied an education, and more than half of refugee children are out of school.
  • Young Syrians require the knowledge, skills, and encouragement to contribute constructively to their communities through civic engagement, starting and growing new businesses, and social entrepreneurship.
  • CIPE and the Syrian Economic Forum (SEF) have introduced a new model of civic education that stands in stark contrast to the regime’s propaganda and the empty promises of extremist ideologies, helping a new generation of leaders acquire an understanding of democracy and economic freedom and justice, which are essential underpinnings in shaping the way that Syria is rebuilt.


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