Access to Information

Democracies and market economies can function at full capacity only when they embrace the idea of free and unfettered access to information for citizens and leaders alike. Equality in access to information fosters equal access to opportunity and ensures that democracies are able to deliver. Transparency in governance and economic transactions, which sustains informed citizen choices, is a pillar of political economic freedom.

CIPE supports efforts to expand the scope and quality of information available to both the public and decision-makers. CIPE promotes increased transparency in government, expanded coverage and debate of policy issues, and greater understanding of democratic, market-oriented principles. Working with the private sector and civil society organizations, CIPE promotes exchanges of knowledge on policy reform, educates stakeholders on democratic values and entrepreneurial culture, and builds new channels for constructive dialogue.

Access to Information Programs at CIPE

  • Promote freedom of information and transparency in government.
  • Strengthen alternative sources of information including media, think tanks, and civil society.
  • Raise public awareness of policy issues.
  • Increase understanding of democratic and market principles.

Read more about CIPE's transparency and access to information programs.

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