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What is Think Tank LINKS?

Investing in youth is crucial because as each society’s most idealistic and driven group, young people are drivers of change and leaders of the next generation. CIPE is committed to developing young people’s leadership and professional skills so that they can become champions of change.

The Think Tank LINKS (Leaders, Innovators, and Knowledge Sharing) Fellowship, an innovative joint program of CIPE and Atlas Corps, connects talented young researchers from developing countries with the leading U.S. think tanks. Fellows spend six months at their host think tanks researching issues of democratic and economic reforms and gaining valuable experience they apply back home. Participating think tanks benefit equally from working with experienced, bilingual professionals with international perspective.

The inaugural 2013 class included four young professionals from three continents. While at their host organization, the participants:

  • Become an integral part of issue research teams
  • Publish and present research results through blogs, articles, and other outlets
  • Learn best practices in think tank management through CIPE seminars and Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab
  • Network with research experts in Washington, DC and other international young leaders
  • Bring their new skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm back to their home countries and apply them in their lives and workplaces

2015 Class Fellows

Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) - Bahaa Eddin Al Dahoudi from the Pal-think for Strategic Studies (Palestinian Territories) will increase the capacity of the Host's Civil Society Partnerships Program by developing training, mentoring, and providing operational guidance for the growing partner organizations.

Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy- Hiba Safi from the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (Tunisia) will conduct research on economic policy reforms in the Middle East with special focus on Tunisia, Egypt and Libya

Heritage Foundation - Huma Sattar from the Pakistan Business Council will undertake an independent research project focused on economic freedom and development in the South and South East Asian region closely studying rule of law, governance, regulation and open markets.

Accountability Lab - Lawrence Yealue from the Business Start-Up Center Monrovia (Liberia) will serve as coordinator for Accountability Lab for its activities in West Africa, conducting research, developing project ideas, building relevant networks, and conducting outreach.

Read about the 2014 Fellows.


From our inaugural 2013 class:

“One of my greatest achievements from this Fellowship was learning best practices and know-how in managing a think tank/research institution in terms of organizing the work of a research team, setting goals and responsibilities, ensuring efficiency, and managing robust and uninterrupted workflow. I fulfilled this goal in two ways. First, through my day-to-day activities at the Cato Institute. Second, through meetings and discussions with individual professionals from other think tanks in Washington, DC.” Maksim Karliuk, the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Studies (Belarus), placed at the Cato Institute

“One of my goals for this Fellowship was to develop long-lasting relationships with U.S. think tanks, stakeholders, potential donors and non-profit international organizations that support independent research institutions and have strong interest in helping establish pro-market economic reforms and strong commitment to democracy in Bolivia and in Latin America. All of this was possible because I was placed at the Heritage Foundation, which helped me attend various events with think tanks, and therefore I had the opportunity to meet with top U.S. public figures in politics, academia and business…In addition, I traveled on behalf of the Heritage Foundation to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Guatemala and had the opportunity to network with various think tanks throughout Latin America as well.” Sergio Daga, the Políticas Públicas para la Libertad (Bolivia), placed at the Heritage Foundation

“The most important goal for me was to improve my writing skills, as well as editing policy papers and policy briefs relating to Egypt and the Middle East. This Fellowship gave me the opportunity to write, analyze, and publish my writings in different platforms. Through this process, I improved my research skills, especially after receiving feedback from editors at POMED. I was also engaged in reviewing policy briefs produced by POMED’s partners, which helped me learn about the basics of writing policy briefs.” Sally Roshdy, the One World Foundation (Egypt) , placed at the Project on Middle East Democracy

Want to learn more?

Blogs by Think Tank LINKS fellows

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Media coverage of fellows

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