CIPE Helps Yemeni Private Sector Take an Active Role in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

With a UN-facilitated peace negotiations between Houthis and the Yemeni government moving ahead, the focus has turned to post-conflict reconstruction and revitalization of Yemen's flagging economy.

Strategies for Policy Reform Volume 3

Kim Bettcher, Teodora Mihaylova, Julie Johnson, Case Studies in Achieving Democracy That Delivers Through Better Governance Major global trends are changing the way we approach international assistance and policy reform. Private sector-led growth has produced enormous opportunities, even as market freedom and access to opportunity remain uneven. Political upheaval has raised hopes for democratic freedoms, yet freedom too often is undermined by poor governance. Read more…

Middle East & North Africa

Algeria – CIPE Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Abdulwahab Alkebsi and Program Officer for North Africa Pamela Beecroft joined CIPE partner CARE (Cercle d’action et de réflexion autour de l’entreprise) to facilitate the first meeting of a private sector taskforce. The Taskforce and CARE will work to implement a national business agenda (NBA) process in Algeria, building a diverse coalition across sectors that will identify specific reforms to improve Algeria’s economy.

Memorandum of Understanding Between Government of the Republic of Yemen and Yemeni Private Sector

Mohammed Al-Maitami, Mohammed Abdo Saeed Anam, Unofficial Translation This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) sets forth the terms and understanding between the Government of the Republic of Yemen (represented by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation) and the Yemeni Private Sector (represented by the Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce and Industry) to initiate Public and Private Dialogue mechanisms that would lead to private sector engagement in economic growth and sustainable development. Read more…

Middle East and North Africa

Jordan - The Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) added two new members to a coalition advocating for the YEA-developed Small and Medium Business Agenda (SMBA). The Jordan Exporters Association and the Zarqa Chamber of Commerce will join YEA and the other coalition members in advancing legal and regulatory reforms that will encourage SME development in Jordan.

Government and Private Sector of Yemen hold dialogue in support of Yemen's economic development

WASHINGTON, DC -- A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Yemen and the Yemeni private sector was signed today in Washington DC to foster an enabling environment for business creation and youth employment.

“This is exciting news,” John D. Sullivan, Executive Director of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) remarked. “This is a first of its kind partnership between the Yemeni government and private sector to establish a working framework that will support the critical transition process in Yemen.”

Building a Shared Vision for Economic Reform in Yemen

Ali Ayadi, Matthew Goodwin, Following the 2011 popular uprising that toppled a decades-long authoritarian regime, Yemen began transitioning to democracy. The uprising was largely in response to the systemic failure of the previous regime to adopt policies capable of generating economic opportunity. Read more…

Middle East and North Africa Weekly Updates


Middle East and North Africa Weekly Updates


Weekly Report: Middle East and North Africa

Egypt – Staff from CIPE’s Egypt office and partner the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES) participated in social media training in advance of CIPE and ECES’s “What If” project. “What If” aims to facilitate evidence-based debate on business and economic issues in Egypt. The project is centered on the dissemination, through social media, of economic facts and figures in a concise, timely and digestible daily release for the media and general public.


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