Albania – CIPE Senior Consultant Carmen Stanila facilitated a workshop with ten participants, representing National Business Forum members, from leading Albanian business associations and chambers of commerce. Stanila led the Forum members in discussions about the future of the coalition, including its internal governance structure, fundraising, and growing membership. Participants unanimously agreed that the coalition should focus on the issue of private sector informality in 2015.

Weekly Update: Multiregional

CIPE trains women Afghan National Assembly members – CIPE MENA Regional Director Abdulwahab Alkebsi chairs panels at Doha Forum – CIPE Nigerian partner successfully advocates to improve local access to finance

CIPE Update: Eurasia

Kyrgyzstan – The Kyrgyzstan Stock Exchange Press Club held the second session of the Bishkek Economic Journalism School on December 10 in Bishkek for 28 representatives of various media outlets. During the session, a local expert made a presentation on the topic “Tourism in Kyrgyzstan.” The Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Economic Journalism School will hold a total of 16 Saturday sessions for Bishkek area journalists, to train them in the principles and methodologies of sound market-based institutions and processes. 

Overseas REPORT Summer 2011

Overseas's Report is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Anti-Corruption Manual for SMEs

From the Hills Program on Governance: "We offer this manual to SMEs that have had enough of the corrupt environment in which they operate and are willing to do their part in promoting integrity and accountability in business. The objectives of this manual are to provide answers to the following questions: Read more…

Entrepreneurship Programs

Entrepreneurship is the creative force of economic development. Entrepreneurs create new goods and services and develop innovative solutions. They also play a vital role in the development of democracy. Entrepreneurship expands opportunity, unleashes individual initiative, and cultivates independent citizens who have a stake in society and democratic governance. It plays a key role in building not just prosperous economies but democracies that deliver opportunity to their citizens. Read more…

Guide on Access to Finance for SMEs

Why the Guide By Mohamed Mohieldin, Head of Finance and Banking Commitee, EJB "It all started with a shared belief amongst EJB members of the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises in the development of Egypt. This important segment has a tremendous unleashed potential to positively impact the growth of the economy, create job opportunities and realize the aspirations of many entrepreneurs who represent the back-bone of a healthy economy. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Fall 2005

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

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