Economics Training for Journalists in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – As in many countries, some of the most important political questions in Kyrgyzstan revolve around complex economic issues that directly impact on citizens’ lives and livelihoods. Summertime rolling blackouts are caused by disagreements over water rights at the Toktogul hydroelectric dam. Negotiations over royalties from the Kumtor gold mine affect thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in foreign investment.

A Resource Handbook for Economic and Business Journalists in Pakistan

Over the past four years, Pakistan has sustained an average economic growth rate of 7%, making it one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The country’s growing emphasis on economic liberalization and privatization has highlighted a need to expand the scope and quality of information available to both decision-makers and the public. Read more…

CIPE Update: Eurasia

Kyrgyzstan – The Kyrgyzstan Stock Exchange Press Club held the second session of the Bishkek Economic Journalism School on December 10 in Bishkek for 28 representatives of various media outlets. During the session, a local expert made a presentation on the topic “Tourism in Kyrgyzstan.” The Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Economic Journalism School will hold a total of 16 Saturday sessions for Bishkek area journalists, to train them in the principles and methodologies of sound market-based institutions and processes. 

Overseas REPORT Fall 2011

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Access to Information Programs

Democracies and market economies can function at full capacity only when they embrace the idea of free and unfettered access to information for citizens and leaders alike. Equality in access to information fosters equal access to opportunity and ensures that democracies are able to deliver. Transparency in governance and economic transactions, which sustains informed citizen choices, is a pillar of political economic freedom. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Spring 2011

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Winter 2011

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Fall 2010

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…

Investigative Reporting: A Toolkit for Reporters

Introduction If reporting exists for any reason, it is to hold authority accountable. Investigative reporting serves society by providing the scrutiny that uncovers the hidden story, provides the primer for change, and promotes accountability in all levels of government. At its core, investigative reporting involves good reporting skills, solid writing skills and – most importantly – time. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Winter 2009

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…


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