Latin America and the Caribbean Weekly Updates

Bolivia - Fundación Milenio released a Weekly Economic Bulletin analyzing the economy of the Beni department. The publication focuses on exports, inflation, and the region’s cattle industry. The Weekly Economic Bulletins examine select topics related to the Bolivian economy in an effort to make this information more accessible to academics, policy consultants, journalists, and the general public. They are available for download in Spanish on Milenio’s website.

Legislative Advisories and Advocacy

A legislative advisory service analyzes proposed legislation and provides simple cost/benefit assessments of its impact. This service provides a mechanism for private sector organizations to express their views on economic issues and take part in national economic policymaking. It also helps legislators make informed decisions and educates the public about economic measures being considered by its government. Read more…

Weekly Update: Multiregional


CIPE Executive Director John D. Sullivan speaks on new Global Partnership for Development Cooperation in Paris; CIPE and partners launch new website in Latin America; Stephenie Foster discusses the leadership role women play in business and politics in the latest Economic Reform Feature Service article

Weekly Update


Washington, DC – CIPE’s Board of Directors met at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to review and approve CIPE’s 2012 strategy. The Board also reviewed new proposals for Yemen and Belarus, accepted organizational financial reports, and approved new governance guidelines for members, which will be available soon on the CIPE website.



Weekly Update

A summary of program updates from the week ending October 14, 2011.

Access to Information Programs

Democracies and market economies can function at full capacity only when they embrace the idea of free and unfettered access to information for citizens and leaders alike. Equality in access to information fosters equal access to opportunity and ensures that democracies are able to deliver. Transparency in governance and economic transactions, which sustains informed citizen choices, is a pillar of political economic freedom. Read more…

Democratic Governance Programs

Democratic governance – the decision-making processes that translate citizens’ preferences into policy actions – is a crucial component of ensuring that democracy delivers. Between elections, citizens must have avenues to participate in decision making, stay informed, and hold government accountable for its performance. Strong democratic governance is characterized by transparency, open dialogue, efficient regulation, and effective rule of law. Read more…

CIPE Partners Selected for Prestigious 2011 “Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program” at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University

Washington, D.C. – The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is pleased to announce the selection of four CIPE partners for the 2011 Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program on Democracy and Development at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University (CDDRL). The CIPE partners selected are as follows:

Combating Corruption: A Private Sector Approach

The participation of the private sector in the fight against corruption is key to success. The most effective anti-corruption programs engage the private sector in institutional reforms that promote competitive markets and good governance. The business community can take positive action both in the public arena – by advancing legal and regulatory reforms and transparency in government – and in the private sector – through improved corporate governance, better information, and voluntary standards. Read more…

Overseas REPORT Summer 2010

OverseasREPORT is CIPE's quarterly newsletter. Read more…


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