Strategies for Policy Reform vol. 2

Getting governance right means reforming public policy systems to support freedom and participation in government and markets alike. In democratic and entrepreneurial societies, governance mechanisms encourage citizen initiative and healthful dialogue on policy. Giving the private sector a voice in democratic dialogue promotes the emergence of internationally competitive economies as well as access to opportunity for all citizens. This is the essence of democracy that delivers.

Strategies for Policy Reform, Volume 2 reveals how local reformers in partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) have transformed policy dialogue in their countries to create a vibrant private sector and civil society. This volume presents models of effective, innovative reform programs that have enhanced democratic governance and the business climate to deliver tangible benefits to citizens. These approaches were all founded on the conviction that progress requires freedom and that the private sector must lead the way in creating institutional change to expand freedom.

Volume 2 contains a wholly new set of case studies from across the globe, representing a range of approaches tailored to the requirements of diverse constituencies and situations. Although every story is in some sense unique, patterns do emerge, such as the value of strategic planning for advocacy. The book is designed to illustrate important themes and lessons in reform planning, using a rich set of real-world examples. Enjoy the stories in Strategies for Policy Reform, and look for the lessons that might someday transform your own society.

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