Improving Transparency and Governance of Public Funds: Public Procurement Process in Kosovo

This study is an analysis of the challenges towards reforming public procurement system in Kosovo and the shortcomings in the implementation of the law. Riinvest Institute with the support of Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has launched a comprehensive analysis which covers the most important dimensions of this process. This study solicits the views of all relevant stakeholders including among others: the central procurement institutions, parliament, government, private sector, civil society and media. Public procurement makes up close to one fifth of Kosovo’s GDP and thus is one of the major drivers of its economy. Therefore, it must be done efficiently and transparently in order to provide a level playing field for all actors involved and help government to get the best value for taxpayers’ money. Public procurement process in Kosovo has marked evident advancements, especially in the legal and institutional infrastructure, however the implementation of the law remains a big challenge. The public procurement in Kosovo, from the majority of actors involved in our research, is perceived to have been tainted by corruption. Therefore it is recommended that institutions and mechanisms that ensure the integrity of this process are strengthened.

Riinvest is committed to play an active role in publicizing the importance of a sound public procurement which promotes fairness, efficiency and minimization of corruption and misuse of taxpayers’ money while it maximizes the economic and social gains of public procurement. We would like to thank CIPE very much for supporting this research and related activities and for their continued cooperation during the realization of this project. We would like also to thank managers and business representatives, official of the institutions, representatives of media and civil society for their cooperation during the implementation of our research. Riinvest wishes to thank all parties involved in preparation of this report for their contribution while it assumes the sole responsibility for findings and conclusions of the report.

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