Democratic Transitions Youth Essay Winners

These two articles were the second and third place winners in the Democratic Transitions category of CIPE's 2011 Youth Essay Contest.

Democratic Transitions: Not Just About Waiting For the World to Change by Kristen Han

Article at a glance:

  • Singapore still has a long way to go before becoming a fullyfledged democracy.
  • In order to encourage progress towards a democratic, pluralistic country, Singapore’s youth must be a part of the process and join in political and civil discourse.
  • The youth of Singapore have the tools to advance democratic change, but they must maintain the will to do it.
  • Young Singaporeans can easily get involved in local politics, civil society and the media. The opportunities are there for the taking, and the youth must rise to the challenge without fear.
Democratic Change in Kenya: The Role of Youth by Judith Aduol Nyamanga

Article at a glance:

  • Education facilitates youth engagement in Kenya’s political, economic, and social environment, allowing youth to serve as government watchdogs and lead democratic reforms.
  • Youth in Kenya have managed to bargain for their inclusion in political and economic policies through participation in youth forums.
  • Entrepreneurship is not only an important tool for youth to achieve economic empowerment; it also creates revenue and jobs that strengthen Kenya’s economy and helps democracy deliver to all.
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