Democracy in Action: Entrepreneurship

This week, CIPE has been celebrating entrepreneurs all over the world as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Entrepreneurs are a crucial element of free and fair democracies that deliver opportunity to all. Their economic success provides jobs, supports a competitive marketplace, and increases business participation in the democratic process. Yet, in many countries, institutional barriers prevent people from becoming entrepreneurs or make it difficult for businesses to grow. To overcome these barriers, supporting entrepreneurship must go beyond simply helping individuals and instead focus on building entrepreneur-friendly environments with legal structures that encourage competition and investment.

From Lebanon to Russia, and Peru to Pakistan, CIPE is working to strengthen the skills and capacity of entrepreneurs to build a better democratic and economic environment for all. Since 1999, CIPE has worked on 45 projects in nearly 60 countries to specifically improve the capacity of women entrepreneurs to build businesses, create jobs, and contribute to their communities.

This edition of Democracy in Action focuses on the role that entrepreneurs play in democratic development

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