Anti-Corruption Manual for SMEs

From the Hills Program on Governance:

"We offer this manual to SMEs that have had enough of the corrupt environment in which they operate and are willing to do their part in promoting integrity and accountability in business. The objectives of this manual are to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What is corruption and why does it happen?;
  2. In what situations can an SME anticipate encountering corruption?;
  3. How can an SME conduct its business without engaging in corruption in its daily operations?; and
  4. What can SMEs together do to fight corruption?

Interviews, focus group discussions, and workshops conducted nationwide with owners and managers of SMEs have shown that businesses can be successful without engaging in corruption. We have seen how some SMEs have overhauled their systems to implement measures to detect and prevent unethical conduct among their employees. We have seen how others have found simple solutions out of their daily corruption dilemmas. We have seen how SMEs in similar situations have banded together to solve a corruption problem.

In compiling some tried and tested tools and tips and featuring success stories, this manual aims to contribute to the SME’s search for a better way of doing business. It is about what SMEs have done and can do. By their sheer numbers alone, SMEs can be a major force in the fight against corruption."

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