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Proposed Freedom of Information Law for Egypt Released by the United Group, Supported by CIPE

Cairo, Egypt – On September 28, the Egyptian human rights law firm the United Group released a draft of a proposed law on freedom of information for Egypt at a press conference in Cairo. The program was supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), with funding from the U.S. Agency of International Development, as part of a three-year, private-sector-led effort to fight corruption in the country.  Read the rest of this article.

Exploring the Economic Potential of Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs

Ramallah, West Bank – In a region characterized by political strife and restrictive social constructs, gender equity in business can encourage stability and economic growth. Palestinian businesswomen must be prepared to take advantage of openings in the market in order to fully participate in democratic society. Read the rest of this article.

Corruption in the Pakistan Tax System Discourages Business

Pakistan has one of the lowest tax to GDP ratios in the world: it has been hovering around 9 percent for the last several years. This is a direct result of tax evasion, and the burden is shifted to the business sector. This means that the tax base remains narrow and a small section of the economy is heavily taxed compared to global trends. Corporate tax rate in Pakistan, 42 percent, is much higher than the global average of 25.5 percent and regional ASEAN average of 27.5 percent. Read the rest of this article.

Study Tour Showcases U.S. Model of Public-Private Partnerships

Washington, DC – A group of Russian business coalition leaders visited Washington, DC in late May 2011 for a ground-level view of how U.S. business associations work with government to create jobs, develop communities, and spur investment. The leaders, representing CIPE partner organizations, spent a week conducting meetings at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; a revitalized business district in Silver Spring, Maryland; a developing neighborhood in Baltimore; and with the U.S. Trade Representative Russia Director. Read the rest of this article.

DPNA Launches New Entrepreneurship Education Tool

Beirut, Lebanon – On April 15, 2011, Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) released its “Entrance to Enterprise” (E2E) curriculum, an entrepreneurship and civic education course adapted for high school and university students that emphasizes the values and traits of entrepreneurs, leadership skills, the basics of free market economics, the legal steps necessary to start a business in Lebanon, and the components of a winning business plan. Read the rest of this article.

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