APRIL 18, 2011

CIPE Refines Its Approach to Teaching Economic Journalism

Istanbul, Turkey – As former command economy countries transition to open markets, business and economic journalists may lack the formal training necessary to report effectively on key policy issues such as regulatory reform, property rights and governance. In response, CIPE has been working to train economic journalists in many countries in order to strengthen their ability to channel important economic information to the general public. Building on the success of previous programs, CIPE is currently developing new training modules and consolidated existing materials into one economic journalism capacity-building curriculum that can be used around the world.

In order to review and refine its current economic journalism curriculum, CIPE gathered 20 reporters, editors, consultants and business management academics at a forum in Istanbul, Turkey from February 28 – March 4, 2011. Consultants presented modules on anti-corruption, corporate citizenship, interpreting business statistics, and entrepreneurship. Journalists contributed with presentations on ethics, investigative reporting, editors and advertising, reporting on energy, and public-private partnerships. CIPE staff members and participants alike gained powerful feedback on the best approaches to covering complicated and politically sensitive topics.

Participants from 13 countries – including Argentina, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Nigeria, and the Philippines – represented a diverse spectrum of restrictions on press freedom and economic challenges. Through an exchange of ideas and reporting strategies, participants gained a better idea of journalists’ needs in other developing countries and what resources might be best suited to improve the quality of economic reporting. Moving forward, CIPE will use the participants’ input to refine its economic journalism curriculum. CIPE is also considering establishing a global network of economic journalists in order to maximize the tools and resources available to business and economic journalists from other countries to contribute to reporting on the private sector’s role in democratic development and market-oriented reform.

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CIPE is a core institute of the National Endowment for Democracy, which provides funding for many of CIPE's projects. CIPE is also an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.








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