MARCH 15, 2011

Tashabos Students Create
Successful Businesses in Afghanistan

Bamiyan, Afghanistan — Bamiyan, in the central part of Afghanistan, is an especially remote and mountainous province with little access to many of the goods and services available in Kabul. Mohammad Aqa Alawi, an 18–year–old from a small village in Bamiyan Province in the center of Afghanistan, has founded a successful business using the knowledge and confidence he acquired through the Tashabos program. In order to address his village’s lack of electricity, Alawi built a water–powered turbine and set it up in the stream that passes through town. The turbine now generates enough electricity for 20 households. “I have set up this primitive power plant from some very ordinary equipment which is available in Bamiyan,” he said. The initial equipment investment cost 30,000 Afghanis ($668); Alawi now earns 3,000 Afghanis ($67) a month.

Mohammad Awa Alawi holds the award he received for designing hydro-electric turbines that generate electricity for over 20 households.
Also in Bamiyan, 17–year old Tashabos student Zohra Mosawi found a different market for her products. “I have recently started making tomato paste and selling it to my family friends and relatives,” she said. “The quality of our tomato paste is much better than the paste which is available in the market in Bamiyan. And once our customers tasted our product, they will come back,” Mosawi said. “I go to school in the mornings and have enough time in the afternoons to make tomato paste.” She added that she wants to help her family financially.

Both students were winners of the Tashabos business proposal writing competition held at each of their schools in Bamiyan. The competition encourages students to use the knowledge gained through their coursework to develop business ideas.

CIPE developed Tashabos, a high school entrepreneurship course, in 2005 to address the lack of business education available to Afghan students. Through the curriculum for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, students study basic business and economic concepts, build an understanding of how to start a business, and learn about civics and the role of business in society. Tashabos is now taught in 44 schools throughout Afghanistan and reaches 33,000 students in Kabul, Bamiyan, Parwan, and Nangahar Provinces. Tashabos is taught in six schools in Bamiyan province and reaches 1,455 students.


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