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Join us for a Spanish Twitter Chat for Global Entrepreneurship Week

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the CIPE-sponsored Spanish-language magazine Revista Perspectiva will be hosting a Twitter chat in Spanish to discuss the role of entrepreneurship in development.

In conjunction with several articles featured in Perspectiva’s online magazine, the focus of the chat will center on the role of the private sector in entrepreneurship, challenges to young entrepreneurs, potential policies that encourage entrepreneurship, and the broader implications of a strong entrepreneurial climate. The chat will take place on Wednesday, November 14, beginning at 11am (EST) and will continue for two hours.

CIPE partners and entrepreneurs from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean will participate and share their ideas and hopes for the future of the entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

Revista Perspectiva (@ReviPerspectiva) will be joined by several experts in the field of entrepreneurship: Roberto Laserna of Fundación Milenio in Bolivia (@roblaser), Guido Sanchez of SYSA Cultura Emprendedora in Peru (@emprendesiosi), Xavier Andrade of the Ecuadorian Institute of Political Economy(@Xavierlibertas), as well as representatives from Instituto Invertir’s educational program EmprendeAhora in Peru (@EmprendeAhoraPe) and the Center for National Economic Research in Guatemala (@CIENgt).

Follow the chat by using the hashtag #EmpChat or visit the TweetChat room.

Note that this chat will be conducted in Spanish. Please also follow our English-language Twitter chat with entrepreneurs from around the globe on Tuesday, November 13 on the hashtag #GEWChat.

Join Us for a Global Entrepreneurship Twitter Chat

Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, a worldwide celebration of the people whose big ideas drive innovation and create jobs. Join us on Tuesday, November 13, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST, on the hashtag #GEWChat for a global discussion of how entrepreneurship contributes to economic, social, and democratic development. (Find out what time the chat will be in your country.)

Joining us will be CIPE partners and entrepreneurs from around the world, including:

Sarfaz Rahman is the CEO of Dawood Foundation, part of Dawood Group, one of the top family-owned businesses in Pakistan. He is a Chartered Accountant who has worked at Unilever, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pepsico, and Engro Foods.

EmprendeAhora is a program run by CIPE partner Instituto Invertir that teaches entrepreneurship and leadership skills to students in Peru.

Camelia Bulat is a CIPE consultant and the director of the Regional Center for Organization Management in Romania.

Rami Shamma is Project Manager for the Development for People and Nature Association in Lebanon, which works on youth entrepreneurship issues.

…and more!

You can keep up with all of our Global Entrepreneurship Week coverage and events here on the CIPE blog (starting on Monday), or follow us on Twitter @CIPEGlobal and Facebook.


Join Us for a Second #DemocracyChat with CIPE Partners

Today’s Twitter chat on private sector contributions to democratic development was a great success, with participants from all over the world discussing approaches to corruption, political accountability, economic reform, and more. On Thursday, September 20, at 10:00 AM EDT we will continue the discussion with CIPE partners and members of the recently announced Free Enterprise and Democracy Network, which brings together democratic reformers, champions of the private sector, and members of civil society to advocate for a positive business environment and strengthen democracy.

Follow the chat on the hashtag #DemocracyChat or use our TweetChat room.

Join Us for a #DemocracyChat

Join CIPE on Twitter tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18, at 1:00 PM EST, for a Twitter chat on how the private sector is contributing to democratic development around the world. In honor of the International Day of Democracy, celebrated each year on September 15, CIPE program staff will discuss the state of democracy in their regions of expertise, including breakthroughs, setbacks, and challenges over the past year.

Join John Zemko (@jaznwdc), Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean, Abdulwahab Alkebsi (@everywhereistan), Regional Director for Africa & the Middle East,  Andrew Wilson (@awilsoncipe), Regional Director for Eurasia and South Asia, John Morrell (@jmorrellcipe), Program Officer for Asia, and Frank Brown (@scupeater), Program Officer for Eurasia, on the hashtag #DemocracyChat.

To participate, just tweet your question or comment along with the #DemocracyChat hashtag, or use our TweetChat room to follow and join in.

Join Us on Twitter for International Youth Day

In honor of International Youth Day, CIPE and Atlas Corps invite you to join us for a week of Twitter chats starting August 13, 2012 on the theme of “Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth.” We will be bringing together young thinkers, reformers, activists, and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss how young people can participate in the development of democracy and become effective agents for political and economic change.

To join in the discussion, just follow @cipeglobal and @atlascorps or use the hashtag #YouthChange. You can also follow the chat as it happens here.

The schedule of topics and participants is as follows:

Monday, August 13: Building Democratic Societies
11:30 AM-12:00 PM (EDT)

Seif El Khawanky, who was a youth activist during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, will host a discussion on how young people can participate in democratic reform, featuring winners of last year’s Youth Essay Competition. Watch a video of Seif discussing Egypt’s ongoing transition.

Tuesday, August 14: Inclusive Growth for the Next Generation
11:30 AM-12:00 PM (EDT)

CIPE’s Pakistan office will lead a discussion with Jehan Ara and Ashraf Chaudhry on the role of youth in ensuring that economic growth and development provide a voice and opportunity for all citizens, with a focus son youth entrepreneurship and the role of new technologies.

Wednesday, August 15: Youth Voices for Sustainable Development
11:30 AM-12:00 PM (EDT)

Esther Agbarakwe (@estherclimate, Nigeria), an Atlas Corps Fellow serving at Population Action International, will discuss her personal involvement and mobilization of youth in sustainable development on an international scale, including participation in The Elders+Youngers Initiative and the Rio+20 conference.

Thursday, August 16: Youth Advocates for Positive Change
11:30 AM-12:00 PM (EDT)

Orain Edwards (@oreojhay, Jamaica), an Atlas Corps Fellow serving at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, shares his experience on lobbying international policymakers, including U.S. Secretary of State Clinton’s Office, Ambassador Eric Goosby at the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, and at the World Youth Conference, on issues of youth empowerment, social inclusion, and climate change.

Draw Attention!

Trying to stifle public voices, the Egyptian government tried to ban Twitter. Good? Bad? Inefficient! – Google soon found a way around it. Reading the news on the story, I stumbled across Manny Francisco of the Manila Times and his creative way of drawing up the attempt of the Egyptian government to keep Twitter under control:

We often say that an image can be much more powerful than many words and long speeches. Draw attention to what’s happening in Egypt. Draw attention to what’s happening in your country. Draw corruption, democracy, and barriers to women’s participation in society. Take part in CIPE’s 2011 Global Editorial Cartoon Competition. Win money. Spread the word.

Moldova’s Twitter Revolution

Moldova's Twitter Revolution

Moldova’s revolution is not over as the outcomes of April 5 parliamentary elections are not clear yet. There is a very interesting article in the Foreign Policy on how the Twitter technology is helping young Moldovans when all other means of communication are cut off during a government-orchestrated information blackout.

Cellphones and text messaging are widely believed to have played a crucial role in fostering the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (or at least, making the protests as widespread and successful as they were) … Could it be that five years after the famous protests in Kiev’s Maidan Square another technology – Twitter – will usher in another revolution in neighbouring Moldova? Will we remember the events that are now unfolding in Chisinau not by the color of the flags but by the social-networking technology used?

Read the full article: http://neteffect.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/04/07/moldovas_twitter_revolution