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6 Women Leaders to Follow on Twitter


Even in difficult environments where women’s economic and political participation is constrained by law or culture, the impressive women in CIPE’s networks find ways to create opportunity for themselves and become leaders in their communities and industries. Wrapping up our celebrations of International Women’s Day, we would like to continue the annual tradition of suggesting influential women leaders that are worth following on Twitter.

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Thanks for a Great #GEWChat!

Last Thursday we held a Twitter chat for Global Entrepreneurship Week to discuss mentors, role models, and the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Read a summary of the chat below!

If you missed any of our coverage of entrepreneurship around the world last week, you can read all our GEW 2013 stories here.

Youth and the Social Media Landscape in Pakistan

Social Media

By Hammad Siddiqui and Emad Sohail

The youth of Pakistan, despite a multitude of problems like unemployment, poverty,social taboos, drugs, and crime, have always been in the forefront of movements for political change — as we saw in yesterday’s #YouthChange Twitter chats.

Young people played a key role in the 2013 elections, for example. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan a significant proportion of this year’s electorate is made up of people under the age of 35. Nearly half of the 84 million registered voters — 48 per cent — are aged between 18 and 35, while 20 per cent, or nearly 17 million voters, are under the age of 26.

Social media is one of the reasons for such strong youth participation in this year’s election, despite the fact that Pakistanis of all ages were barred from accessing YouTube. The aggressive engagement of youth on social media not only influenced political parties and hardcore political journalists to join social media platforms, but also drove them to mold their political agenda in this year’s elections campaign because of the youth voice for change.

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#YouthChange Wrap-Up


In honor of International Youth Day, CIPE organized the second annual #YouthChange Twitter chat to engage young people around the world in a discussion of how youth can contribute to sustainable political and economic reform in their countries.

Later, the chat continued in Pakistan, where #YouthChange became the #2 trending topic on Twitter! Thanks to the more than 300 people who contributed over 1,000 tweets to the discussion!

Join Us For a #YouthChange Twitter Chat


Over the past few years, young people have shown that they have a powerful voice and the will to demand democratic change. But lasting reform requires long-term engagement, and youth must take the lead in creating the economic and political opportunities on which their generation’s future will be built.

This year for International Youth Day CIPE and Atlas Corps are organizing the second annual #YouthChange Twitter chat to discuss how young people can get involved in democratic change and economic reform and how they can sustain their participation over the longer term. We will be joined by winners of CIPE’s 2012 Youth Essay Competition, ThinkTankLINKS alumni, and other youth voices from around the world.

The chat will be held August 12 at 10:00 AM EDT (check your local time here). Join the conversation by adding #YouthChange to your tweets or use our TweetChat room. If you don’t have a Twitter account you can still follow the chat here.

20 Entrepreneurial Women You Should Be Following on Twitter


Co-written with Taryn Bird, Senior Manager of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Business Civic Leadership Center‘s Global Corporate Citizenship Program.

In an age of unparalleled opportunity for women, female empowerment has become a diverse proposition. Women are changing the world in business, government, the NGO world, and media. And they are re-defining what it means to be entrepreneurial in every field, from starting their own businesses and social ventures, through being successful corporate intrapreneurs, to innovating in other ways that give women a voice and a equal role in the society.

The power of social media, and in particular Twitter, has allowed these empowered women to share not just their big ideas, but the daily details and information sources they rely on to advance the issues they care about. As we get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s harness the power of social media to connect with such women and share their work.

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Join Us for an #ACDay Twitter Chat

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST CIPE will be hosting a Twitter chat on how “implementation gaps” foster corruption and what can be done to overcome them.

As explained in the CIPE’s recently released public governance guidebook, published jointly with Global Integrity,  implementation gaps occur when a law says one thing on paper but is interpreted another way on the ground — or is simply ignored. Understanding and closing these implementation gaps is essential to fighting corruption. Many countries, for example, have strict anti-corruption laws with harsh sentences for violators, but still rate poorly on corruption indices because the laws are not implemented consistently. More importantly, implementation gaps in other kinds of laws create opportunities for corruption as well: for example, regulators might demand bribes to process a permit request in a timely manner.

Discussing CIPE’s innovative solutions to corruption and implementation gap problems at tomorrow’s chat will be CIPE Senior Program Officer for the Middle East and North Africa Gregory Simpson (@GSimpsonCIPE), Global Program Officer Anna Nadgrodkiewicz (@AnnaNGlobal), and, joining us from Ukraine, Eurasia Program Officer Frank Brown (@scupeater). Join us on the hashtag #ACDay or follow the chat here.