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Whither transparency in government corporations?

New power plant construction site in Kalinigrad Region, Russia. Photo: http://www.rosatom.ru/

I feel like we’ve been writing a bit too much about corruption recently. Perhaps there is a reason for it, since a new BBC poll has just found that corruption is the most talked about global problem. One thing you discover in highly corrupt countries is that there is unlikely to be an area or a sector of the economy that corruption doesn’t touch. Some of those you don’t frequently think about.

The new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) is currently capturing much of the attention devoted to the Russian nuclear complex. Yet, while the debate is raging on the reduction of nuclear weapons, inspections and compliance, limitations of the new treaty, and whether it should be signed or re-negotiated, one important feature of the Russian nuclear industry is not getting the attention it deserves.

In a new report, two Russian civil society organizations, Transparency International (TI)-Russia and Ecodefense, attempt to lift the veil off the Russian nuclear industry and see to what extent corruption, the problem that has plagued every sector of the Russian economy, has affected it.

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