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LiderAcción: Putting Ideas into Action in Peru

Cynthia is senior in business administration at a university in the remote city of Juliaca in the Puno region of Peru. She is not the average student. On January 31, with only 20 years she decided to open her own business, a fruit juice store called DeliFru.

Last year Cynthia participated in new program called LiderAcción, an innovative course in leadership and entrepreneurship designed and conducted by CIPE and Instituto Invertir. Cynthia won one of the 15 scholarships awarded to a selective group of students from the Puno region and joined 200 other students from all over Peru.

Starting her own business had crossed Cynthia’s mind before. It wasn’t until she participated in LiderAcción that she decided to take her ideas a step further. After reading an article about juice stores, she identified a great opportunity for such a business in Juliaca. Apart from street vendors, there are no juice stores there. Cynthia developed her idea and made it a reality.

DeliFru operates in the first floor of her house. Thanks to a US$350 loan from the NGO Caritas, she was able to equip her business with all she needed in order to make it work.

“Since I read an article about juice stores, I was interested in this particular business. I wanted to have my own business and I realized that in Juliaca there is not one single Juice Store with a nice place that offers a large variety of juices in a hygienic environment. Apart from that, the natural culture and a light life style are growing faster and faster in Puno. Young people are now worried about calories and eating healthy, so I saw an opportunity and thanks to what I learned and lived in LiderAcción, I took it.”

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