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Powerful Women – Powerful Nation: Changing the Way Women are Portrayed in Pakistan

Watch a welcome video recorded for the contest winners by CIPE Deputy Director Jean Rogers. Also available on Dailymotion.

In Pakistan, the contemporary image of women in the media is one that is filtered through a number of prisms. Women are rarely portrayed as strong political or economic actors, and mainstream media tends to promote negative stereotypes of women. But some Pakistani women are emerging to challenge the way they are covered in the media, believing that this directly impacts how they are treated in society.

Uks Research Centre, an organization dedicated to gender equality and women’s development in the country, recently marked the occasion of International Women’s Day by partnering with APNS to host the first annual “Women in Media” awards. These awards recognize women journalists in Pakistan whose work has generated better awareness and understanding of the fact that positive media content can and does bring about positive social change, especially in the realm of women’s development and gender equality.

In addition to the “Women in Media” awards, Uks also used the occasion of International Women’s Day to launch their new guidebook, Powerful Women – Powerful Nation, which will serve as a training tool and guide for journalists to conduct gender-sensitive reporting and journalism in Pakistan.

The award winners for this year are:

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The Role of Women in Global Business Value Chains

The ability of women to drive change is greatly improved when they are empowered in the economic decisions of their communities. Few videos explain this as much as this one, talking about the girl effect.

Next week, Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, my colleague here at CIPE will attend a forum in New York, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Office for Partnerships, that will bring together thought leaders and policymakers to discuss the role that women’s economic empowerment plays in development, and how this can be expanded through partnerships. I for one am very excited to hear about what Anna learns in New York, and I look forward to sharing it with you when I get the full report!

On March 8, the U.S. Chamber Business Civic Leadership Center and United Nations Office for Partnerships will celebrate International Women’s Day at the Ford Foundation headquarters. This annual forum brings together leaders committed to the economic empowerment of women. In 2012, these leaders included Lauren Bush Lauren of FEED projects, author of Half the Sky Sheryl WuDunn, Charlotte Oades from Coca-Cola Company, Sarah Thorn from Walmart, and many more who spoke about the role of business in empowering women globally.

In 2013, this forum will expand upon 2012 and explore the influential role women play in the global business value chain. As more women formally enter into the economy, positive macroeconomic externalities include increased productivity for business, increased school attendance for civil society, and higher economic growth rates in host countries—externalities seen in Rwanda and China. However, woman and girls still face many challenges in attaining economic independence. This forum will highlight the influential role women play in the business sector and how companies and their partners are working to catalyze the economic empowerment of women in global markets.

Learn more about the conference at BCLC’s website.

Colin Buerger is Program Officer for Global Programs at CIPE.

Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in every economy on earth, whether they are sanctioned or not (even in North Korea!) By innovating, providing jobs and creating wealth, the businesses that these entrepreneurs build play a huge role in the development of the economy.

But what makes some places more successful than others in encouraging start-up and risk-takers? Well, it has everything to do with the “entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

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