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Improving Corporate Governance in Kosovo’s Publicly-Owned Enterprises

Participants at the Riinvest conference in Pristina

The concept of corporate governance is relatively new in Kosovo. Although corporate governance was mentioned during the discussions and debates surrounding privatization policy in the immediate post-war period, it was not the central point of the debate as it was mainly used to highlight some of the consequences of alternative methods of privatization. The absence of a stock market and specific regulations for private companies, coupled with a low level of awareness, explain the low level of compliance with corporate governance principles. The only group of companies that are legally expected to comply with these principles are publicly-owned enterprises (POEs), which are utility companies offering basic public services to the citizens of Kosovo. Because of their specific features, the way in which these companies are governed is of central importance.

The Riinvest Institute for Development Research, with the support of CIPE, was the first organization in Kosovo to organize seminars and conferences on the topic of corporate governance particularly in POEs. These activities have created a positive impact in this field in the country. By increasing awareness for the need for corporate governance, they have improved the legal framework and also managed to achieve positive changes in the implementation of OECD corporate governance principles.

Over this last year, Riinvest has been working on a follow-up study analyzing the challenges faced by the Kosovo government in the process of strengthening corporate governance in POEs. By using primary and secondary data, this study analyzes the developments achieved from the last evaluation made in 2008.

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