20 Empowered Women that You Should Be Following on Twitter

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – we’ve all heard that before.  It’s no secret that the men and women are treated differently, but when it comes down to the heart of the matter, women are just as capable of success, if not more so, than their galactic counterparts.

With International Women’s Day fast approaching, CIPE is highlighting ways to help the movement for women’s empowerment. CIPE’s programs approach women’s empowerment through institutional reform, economic and political empowerment, and working with partner organizations to look beyond financial assistance – by helping women build leadership and business skills, CIPE focuses on preparing women for participation, whether they’re running a business, advocating legislative reforms, or simply making the world a better place for taking care of their families.

While women everywhere may not have the political voice or the economic and educational opportunities they need to strengthen their societies , women all over the world who do have those capabilities are working to change this. The centuries-old struggle for women’s empowerment continues.

Enter social media.  Aside from providing a vehicle for communication more accessible than their founders could have ever imagined, Facebook and Twitter have created fast-track modems for democratic reform and social entrepreneurship.  Twitter itself levels anyone who participates: powerful heads of states are meant to be just as visible as the blogger next door.  And, let’s be honest – Twitter is the fastest news source out there.

Women, social media, and democratic development have come a long way in the past few years, and social media assumes a naturally powerful role in the case for women’s empowerment. After all, more than half of adult women in the U.S. participate in social media, and the rise of women in the developed world elevates the voices to create a better place for everyone – especially the women that need and deserve it.

Stay tuned with @CIPEGlobal over the next week to learn more about what CIPE’s doing to empower women.

Karen Kerrigan @KarenKerrigan Small business advocate, and expert on entrepreneurship.
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Gayle Tzemach Lemmon @gaylelemmonJournalist, Author of NYT Best Seller The Dressmaker of Khair Khana and Deputy Director of Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations
Anne-Marie Slaughter @SlaughterAMPrinceton Professor. Director of Policy Planning, U.S. State Dept 2009-2011. Foreign policy curator. I read everything I RT, but don’t necessarily agree.
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Julie R. Weeks @womenablewomen’s enterprise development expert, translator of numbers to knowledge to action, jet-setting consultant and speaker
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StephenieFoster @StephenieFosterActivist, international consultant, strategist, professor, former law partner, blogger. Working in the US and globally helping women transform the future.
Anna BcDonnell @5forFairness Founder of 5 for Fairness, a non-profit community dedicated to making the world fair for girls. We award $5000 grants to organizations that share our goal.
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