2011 Global Editorial Cartoon Competition

Can you capture the complex ideas of democracy, corruption, and gender equality in one simple, universal image? Do you  want to win $1,000 in the process? If you answer yes to either one of these questions, then you should participate in CIPE’s new 2011 Global Editorial Cartoon Competition.

One image can communicate more than dozens of pages of text or hours of speeches. One image can change the course of history. Editorial cartoons draw attention to important political, economic, and social issues like nothing else. Using symbols or visual metaphors, their reach transcends country borders and language barriers.

We invite you to take part in this exciting new initiative. We will be looking for original, relevant, creative cartoons with a universal message. We have assembled a fantastic panel of judges, including Tom Gibson, a founding cartoonist of USA Today and Pat Oliphant, Pulitzer Prize Winning and world’s most widely syndicated cartoonist.

Most importantly, the competition is open to participants of all ages, professional and amateur cartoonists. Take part and draw attention!



24 responses to “2011 Global Editorial Cartoon Competition

  1. Is there a closing date for the competition?

  2. Is there gender difference to compete?

  3. hola, un saludo soy de honduras, me gustaria participar en esta conpetencia… donde hay que enviar la caricatura, y como tiene que ser dibujada a mano o prediseñada en maquina? bueno no se mucho de competencia pero si se me ocurren barias ideas y me gustaria mostrarlo al mundo. gracias!!! respondan porfavor!

  4. Darwin, las bases del concurso en español las puedes encontrar visitando http://www.cipe.org/cartoon/lang/cartoonEsp.html
    Allí encontraras toda la información relevante para que participes con tus caricaturas en este concurso.

  5. Just a couple of questions –

    a) size, and
    b) can I e-mail the finish to you?

  6. Clive,

    Please visit http://www.cipe.org/cartoon for guidelines and to upload your finished entry.

    Thank you!

    -The CIPE Development Blog Editors

  7. For paper submissions, is April 17 the date you should receive it by, or the date the letter should be posted by?

  8. Orlando Piòn

    No he encontrado la direcciòn (fisica o electronica) a donde se deben enviar las caricaturas. Por favor indiquenme este dato.

  9. The date the letter should be posted by! Thanks for participating – looking forward to your cartoons!

  10. How can one find out whether he won or not?

  11. When the end of the contest? Is there a site where we can see all the comics submitted?

  12. Mirko – we received about 900 cartoons. We are now sorting them and checking all the forms – with so many submissions, you can imagine, it takes time. Judges will begin looking at cartoon in a few weeks. The finalists in each category will then be posted online and everyone will be able to vote for their favorites. We will be updating http://www.cipe.org/cartoon with schedules

  13. Pablo Cardenas

    Hi, when will you post the finalists online?

  14. Omar Condori

    Hola participe en el concurso de caricaturas , me inquieta saber ¿quién gano?, ¿dónde se pueden ver las caricaturas ganadoras?. Un saludos a todos y los mejores deseos en su futuras actividades…. espero q esta clase de iniciativas y actividades continuen.

  15. It’s been 3 months. What’s taking so long? The website keeps showing the same notification, that in “a few weeks” they will show the finalists. Is it still on or has it been abandoned? We need to know.

  16. Here is an update: We had to sort more than 900 cartoons which takes a lot of time! From 900 through several rounds of voting we have finally been able to get to top 50 in each category. The judges are in the process of choosing top 10 cartoons in each category which will then be presented for public voting!

    Thank you for you interest and stay tuned! They are coming online very soon.

  17. Pablo Cardenas

    Almost 4 months. Is the contest still on?
    Please respond and inform the date the top 10 will be presented online.

  18. We are waiting to hear from all the judges. We will publish finalists online for voting in September!

  19. Pablo Cardenas

    When in september?

  20. As it is October now, I was wondering when results will be available for voting? thanks

  21. Voting open – finalists in all 3 categories are available here http://www.cipe.org/cartoon/vote/