“The Challenges of Young Entrepreneurs in Ghana”

Last week marked the International Education Week celebrating the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. It was also the Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. The values and ideas underlying both those celebrations are at the core of Saeed Mahmoud Jajah’s winning essay in the category of “Entrepreneurship and Leadership” of the 2009 CIPE International Youth Essay Competition.

He talks about the current state of youth entrepreneurship in Ghana and challenges facing young entrepreneurs such as lack of confidence and capital, unfriendly business environment, or lack of proper education and technical know-how. But there is a way forward. Through improved business environment, better training and access to funding, mentorship programs, and other similar initiatives, more Ghanaian students will have a chance of becoming entrepreneurs and realizing their dreams.

Article at a Glance

  • Due to an unfavorable business climate and a lack of proper education, many young people in Ghana view entrepreneurship as a risk that is not worth taking.
  • The government and the private sector need to work together to foster a new culture of entrepreneurship among the Ghanaian youth.
  • With the proper incentives and motivation youth can become a major source of economic growth in Ghana.