Moldova’s Twitter Revolution

Moldova's Twitter Revolution

Moldova’s revolution is not over as the outcomes of April 5 parliamentary elections are not clear yet. There is a very interesting article in the Foreign Policy on how the Twitter technology is helping young Moldovans when all other means of communication are cut off during a government-orchestrated information blackout.

Cellphones and text messaging are widely believed to have played a crucial role in fostering the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (or at least, making the protests as widespread and successful as they were) … Could it be that five years after the famous protests in Kiev’s Maidan Square another technology – Twitter – will usher in another revolution in neighbouring Moldova? Will we remember the events that are now unfolding in Chisinau not by the color of the flags but by the social-networking technology used?

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  1. Brooke Millis

    Twitter was also key in getting information to and from hostages in the hotels attacked in Mumbai in November 2008. AFP wrote a stroy at the time that’s still online. See it here: