Moin Fudda

Corporate Governance in Family-Owned Companies in Pakistan

Moin Fudda, Family-owned firms face a unique set of challenges that are rooted in an organizational structure that prevents these enterprises from attracting and retaining high quality human capital, obtaining lower cost debt and equity capital, and ensuring long term competitiveness and sustainability. The recent growth in family-owned enterprises, which are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, has created a demand for tools will help these companies be more competitive. Read more…

Equipping Pakistani Business Associations for Effective Advocacy: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Moin Fudda, Hammad Siddiqui, Article at a glance Years of political upheaval and the lack of freedom of association in Pakistan has left business associations and chambers of commerce unable to influence economic policy decisions. CIPE worked with chambers of commerce and business associations in order to strengthen their ability to advocate on behalf of private sector priorities. Although work remains, this program has made a positive increase in the capacity of non-executive staff members and women’s chambers, and in policy reform efforts. Read more…

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