Kim Bettcher

How Good Governance Got a Bad Name – and Why Governance Still Matters

Kim Bettcher, Since the rise of governance on the development agenda in the 1990s, followed by the proliferation of governance programs, a chorus of skepticism has emerged over the efficacy of governance work.[1] Scholars like Merilee Grindle and Brian Levy caution us that the governance agenda today—encompassing public administration, rule of law, and accountability to citizens—has become “inflated” and “counterproductive.”[2] These scholars question the wisdom of donors and development practitioners who push their governance wish Read more…

Strategies for Policy Reform Volume 3

Kim Bettcher, Teodora Mihaylova, Julie Johnson, Case Studies in Achieving Democracy That Delivers Through Better Governance Major global trends are changing the way we approach international assistance and policy reform. Private sector-led growth has produced enormous opportunities, even as market freedom and access to opportunity remain uneven. Political upheaval has raised hopes for democratic freedoms, yet freedom too often is undermined by poor governance. Read more…

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